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Eventi in sauna


Sauna Events, Aufguss, Digital Detox, Self-Wellness

Rosa gives free rein to her imagination to create new little wellbeing rituals in the Te Jaga Beauty & Spa. Every day there is a wealth of wellness events to help you become more aware. The Active Hotel Olympic has turned its attention to excellence and sought the best professionals to create special programmes. Your whole stay is conceived to guide you towards greater attentiveness to your physical condition and state of mind.

Aufguss - a sauna ritual

Sauna Master Sergio, the great guru of the Aufguss, celebrates the traditional “fanning” ritual in the Finnish sauna chalet in the hotel grounds. The ritual follows a specific procedure: the Aufguss master selects the essences and pours them onto the hot stones, then with precise, carefully choreographed movements he uses a towel to agitate the warmer air so that it wafts over the guests' bodies. When they leave the sauna, guests refresh their bodies with a walk outside on the soft grass or on the snow in winter.


Digital Detox Events

Carefully designed down to the smallest detail and available only at certain times of the year, these wellbeing events are a combination of time outdoors in the Val di Fassa to let nature soothe the mind and body, exquisite massages, meditation techniques, yoga, and training sessions with an expert wellness coach.

Take time for you, prevention is better than cure.


Self-Wellness Events

An old oriental saying goes: “Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you'll feed him for life”. These events include self-treatments, self-care techniques to raise awareness of the body, and self-massage lessons, bringing together the most profound and effective expressions of Japanese, Hawaiian and Alpine traditions. Self-administered natural face, neck and décolleté lifting sessions on request.


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