“I clearly remember my childhood,

where everything was simple because there were few options.”


Everything goes in cycles.

I remember when my mum used to send me shopping and at the fruit and vegetable stall there was precious little to choose from. I remember bananas were a luxury, the first cherries in June, then the apricots, the peaches, each fruit had its season. I remember in particular the aromas, having a taste, giving an opinion; it was all part of the way time and the seasons slowly unfolded in a natural cycle.

Now you can get everything all year round – and to tell the truth it’s been that way for a while – the whole world can be found at the fruit and vegetable market: stunning, interesting, very colourful and quite an education, but…

As a consequence our way of cooking has changed, both in our restaurants and at home. We can now cook whatever we want at any time of the year: magnificent vegetables and immaculate fruit without a blemish, a real treat for the eyes for us cooks. But what about the taste?


Where have all those flavours gone, that I can no longer find in the choicest produce? Where are the aromas I remember from my childhood in those little shops where there was almost nothing?



Chef André Sudarovich

Andrè Sudarovich,  Val di FAssa Chef, who does the cooking at Active Hotel Olympic

And so, one morning while I was having a coffee with Rosa, we wondered: do we really have to give our guests that magnificent produce, cherished the whole year round? Grown in greenhouses, forced with artificial fertilizers, transported over thousands of kilometers, their ripening halted with gases – and this is even done while the fruit is still on the trees, to suit the market!!!  Have we ever asked ourselves what we are eating?

We have a simple solution

Wellness hotel Trentino

Rosa, the Spa Manager, with new eyes, she looks after the “feeling well” of the guests 

we would like to offer you those flavours that we have all but forgotten,

fruit and vegetables grown as close to us as possible, with regard for season, but above all with regard for you who will eat them. These are not easy choices to manage in a market heading in only one direction. We know for certain it won’t be easy, but it is our goal and we will do our utmost to attain this level of Quality.


It’s you who will give the final judgement: taste them! We hope that, aware of our hard work, you will reach a unanimous, favourable verdict, but in the end we trust that common sense will prevail,

because we are what we eat!

_Andrè Sudarovich

 Strudel trentino sudtirol ricetta genuino


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