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Modern, exciting, imaginative cuisine

Rediscover the authentic flavours of times gone by. This is the philosophy behind the superb gourmet menu on offer at the Active Hotel Olympic restaurant in Val di Fassa. With your wellbeing foremost in our minds, you will find locally sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables on the menu each day.

Paolo Pellegrin - Chef

Paolo takes great pleasure in reworking traditional Ladin and Trentino dishes using natural, organic, local produce.

"Most children from a young age fight over their toys. But not Carla and I, even as schoolchildren we argued over that most magical of games: cooking. Over the years, each has found his own space within this enchanting realm: Me as Chef, Carla as Sommelier. What once divided us, today unites us. "

Paolo Pellegrin


Carla Pellegrin – Sommelier

Carla finds the perfect accompaniment to the food from a wine list personally selected from the producers, for an unforgettable exploration of tastes.

“I have been passionate about the wine making process since the moment my grandfather, Opa Carlo, took me to the vineyards: I saw how passionate the farmers were, the care and attention they gave to each vine, the tracks left by the tractor mapping out the field... It was a day that remains firmly rooted in my fondest memories."
Carla Pellegrin


André Sudarovich – Head Chef

André is an artist and each of his dishes is the result of a creative process that brings out the best in the highest quality ingredients and the authentic aromas of Val di Fassa.

“Vorremmo potervi offrire quei sapori che non ricordiamo più… Frutta e verdura coltivata il più vicino possibile, nel rispetto delle stagioni, ma soprattutto nel rispetto vostro. Scelte di questo tipo non sono facili in un mercato direzionato in un unico senso. Siamo convinti che non sarà  semplice, ma è un nostro obiettivo e ci impegneremo per poter offrirvi questa qualità”
André Sudarovich


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