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Active Hotel Olympic: Wellness Active in Val di Fassa

A holiday at the Active Hotel Olympic is an experience that goes straight to the heart, invoking a whole word of EMOTIONS.

7 vite ladine

Make your holiday an occasion to find yourself, guided by the “7 Ladin principles”.

The Pellegrin Family, proprietors and heart and soul of the Active Hotel Olympic for over 50 years, are of genuine Ladin stock. Having drawn important lessons from the region’s long-standing cultural Italian traditions, they can help you find a new sense of wellbeing and an authentic Italian LifeStyle holiday.



DISCOVER: get carried away by the thrill of new beginnings

SLOW DOWN: enjoy the moment, it's more important than the time that's passing

JUST FOR YOU: live your dreams, without compromise

TASTE: savour the moment, nothing should be hurried

BE ACTIVE: put yourself to the test, in the silence of nature

SHARE: generosity is more important than keeping things for yourself


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